Brenda Lucero

Recovery Coach

As a recovery coach, Brenda Lucero pours her knowledge and experiences into conducting individual coaching and group facilitation. She specializes in working with people in recovery and has spent many years leading hundreds of people through transformative, life-changing experiences.

Offering transformative coaching for recovery, Brenda guides clients through the daunting task of reclaiming a sober life and learning to live a life of recovery. She coaches clients toward a sense of freedom through the web of life circumstances that cause distress. She teaches the skills necessary for one to replace dependence and addiction with empowering coping strategies. Brenda’s approach is nurturing, non-judgmental, direct, and practical.

Brenda brings decades of experience and training in psychology, spirituality, and healing. She has a master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University and has worked in private practice and in psychiatric hospitals as a body-centered and experiential therapist.