Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pulled together some common questions people have about our facility.

Popular Questions

  • How often do I need to attend?

    Three times a week minimum. Five days a week is strongly encouraged the first week.

  • Do you provide UA/Drug testing?

    Yes. Clients are required to participate in testing once a week.

  • Are there any specific group rules?

    Yes. Group attendees must be able to maintain confidentiality while in group including with no distractions if participating via telehealth. Example: no other people allowed in the room while participating, don’t be in group while walking down the street, in a rideshare or at a coffee shop. There are additional group guidelines reviewed during registration.

  • Am I allowed to use substances while in the program?

    No. We are an abstinence based program.

  • Am I allowed to use medicinal marijuana?

    No, THC and edibles containing THC are not allowed. Our psychiatrist can work with you to explore alternatives.

  • When can I start?

    Program can start within 24 hours of assessment, assuming that the new client is dedicated to remaining sober and fully engaged in wanting help.

  • What are my financial responsibilities?

    Prior to your assessment, your financial obligation will be explained based upon your individual insurance plan. Your expenses are related to your deductible and out-of-pocket requirements from your specific plan.

  • Is there flexibility with the group schedule?

    We understand that people get sick and emergencies happen, but it’s also very important to take your sobriety seriously. Our program is designed to teach you skills and insight into your substance use disorder. On the days that you are scheduled to attend, we expect you to be there. We want you to succeed. We do, however, offer programming M-F in Day and Evening IOPs so we can accommodate a variety of schedule needs. Participants who are late to or miss group more than 3 times are given notice about possibility of discharge.

  • Do you take Medi-Cal, Medi-Care or MediCare Advantage plans?

    No. For Medi-Cal resources, please visit For Medi-Care resources, please visit

  • Will I be seen individually?

    The IOP is a group-based program. You will be assigned to a treatment team made up of a therapist and a psychiatrist. Your therapist checks in with you at least once a week, but the majority of your treatment will be involvement in skills groups.

  • Should I continue seeing my therapist and psychiatrist while I’m in the program?

    While in the program you will be assigned to our psychiatrist and they will coordinate with your outpatient psychiatrist. If you also see your outpatient psychiatrist for psychotherapy and you feel like you would benefit from the individual support while in the IOP, have that discussion with your doctor. We do encourage you to continue working with your outpatient therapist while in the program if you can arrange to see them outside of program hours. This is a helpful point of contact for you to help you digest the insights and learnings you are taking from the program. If you are not able to arrange weekly sessions, you could consider cutting back to once every other week while in the program.

  • Do I have to take medications as part of my treatment in the IOP?

    You will consult with our psychiatrist who will review your health history and current symptoms and will consider the risks and benefits of any medications they recommend. Studies have shown that a combination of medications and therapy provide the best outcomes. While participation in the program is completely voluntary, most people enrolled find benefit from medications and it is an integral part of what the program can offer. If a participant is not in need of medications, that is okay as well.

  • What do I tell my work?

    Many participants in the program are taking time off work. What to tell your employer and friends is a personal decision but also a frequent topic that is discussed in the program and area where participants get support.

  • Can I get a doctor’s note to participate in the program?

    Until you start your first day, you are not considered a client and thus: if you need something signed before the start of the program, it is best to request a letter from your current providers. If you do not currently have a psychiatrist, you could ask your primary care provider for this letter. Once you begin the program, you will be assigned to work with our psychiatrist with whom you can make a request.

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