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Adult Mental Health Primary Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Coming Soon

The adult mental health primary IOP from Foundations San Francisco focuses on providing treatment and therapy for mental health disorders. From depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder, we have the tools to help you live a happier, healthier life.

What is an Adult Mental Health Primary IOP?

The Foundations San Francisco Mental Health Primary IOP provides mental health treatment for adults aged 18 and up. Our mental health services for adults include individual therapies, group therapies, support groups, holistic treatment and more, all designed to work towards building on your strengths and meeting goals.

Why Choose an Adult Mental Health Primary IOP?

Your mental health matters, and behavioral health services at a mental health outpatient program should be geared towards long-term success. Participants enroll when they need a higher level of care than weekly therapy or infrequent visits with a psychiatrist to help manage their symptoms, sometimes as an alternative to, or transition from, a residential treatment facility. People may also be referred directly to the IOP from their outpatient provider or self-refer when symptom acuity does not meet criteria for residential or PHP levels of care. An IOP is a good option for work, school, or those with familial commitments that may be a barrier to treatment for mental illness.

An IOP also provides the most freedom of the higher levels of care. For just a few hours a day throughout the week, an IOP allows individuals to return to their everyday lives after receiving many of the same quality treatments from mental health professionals that those who attend residential treatment would receive.

Dual Diagnosis IOP

If you struggle from a substance use disorder in addition to needing mental health outpatient treatment, Foundations San Francisco offers co-occurring disorder treatment (or dual diagnosis) for patients who need that level of care in an outpatient setting.

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