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Meditative Therapy

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a woman practices meditative therapy outside at sunrise Addiction is a complex disease that requires a multifaceted treatment approach. While psychotherapy and medication are the core components of addiction treatment, incorporating holistic addiction therapy services, like meditative therapy, into your recovery plan can enhance your results and set you up for a sober lifestyle. If you would like to try meditative therapy in San Francisco, reach out to Foundations San Francisco to schedule an intake assessment. Call 415.854.6735 or connect with us online to get started. 

What Is Meditative Therapy? 

Meditative therapy is a form of therapy that combines the following: 

  • Mindfulness meditation 
  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) 
  • Somatic therapy 

Together, these practices promote relaxation, emotional regulation, and self-awareness. Meditative therapy is based on the premise that addiction is not only a behavioral issue but also a spiritual and emotional one. You can achieve long-term recovery and healing by addressing the root causes of substance misuse. 

How Does Meditative Therapy Support Recovery? 

Meditative therapy can complement an addiction treatment program by:

Teaching Non-judgment

Unhealthy thought patterns can contribute to substance misuse. When you are going through drug or alcohol withdrawal, you will almost certainly encounter negative thoughts and physical discomfort that can make it challenging to abstain from substances. Meditative therapy teaches you how to observe these thoughts and feelings without judgment. By learning how to accept all the feelings that surface without labeling them as bad or wrong, you can help dissipate the tension they would typically cause and potentially prevent cravings and relapse.

Recognizing and Managing Triggers

One of the most reliable indicators of relapse risk is quitting drugs or alcohol without exploring and learning how to deal with triggers. Sheer willpower may work for some, but only temporarily. Inevitably, you will encounter one or more of your triggers, and without a plan in place, you may find it difficult to resist falling back into harmful patterns.

Meditative therapy increases self-awareness, allowing you to notice the people, places, and things that trigger you to reach for drugs or alcohol. Triggers can be obvious or more subtle, and meditative therapy can help you become more attuned to the subtle triggers you might have otherwise overlooked. Once you cultivate awareness of your triggers, you can develop a plan to avoid, eliminate, or manage those triggers successfully.

Reducing the Effects of Stress

The practices used in meditative therapy can help lower your stress levels and minimize the impact stressors have on you by improving your emotional resilience. Meditative therapy can also enhance self-awareness and self-esteem.

Is Meditative Therapy in San Francisco Right for You?

If you are new to meditation and other holistic practices, you may be a little unsure whether it would be suitable for you. You do not need to hold a specific spiritual or religious belief to participate in meditative therapy, and no experience is necessary. Meditative therapy might be right for you if:

  • You often feel stressed or anxious.
  • You feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts.
  • You have trouble slowing down and relaxing.
  • You often experience racing thoughts.
  • You are looking for a complementary therapy to help you overcome mental health or addiction challenges.

Meditative therapy does not have to replace other components of an addiction treatment program. Instead, you can add meditative therapy to your existing treatment plan. Holistic therapies like this can be an excellent addition to psychotherapy and medication, helping to address all areas of your life that contribute to or are impacted by addiction.

Heal with Meditative Therapy at Foundations San Francisco

Addiction can be challenging to overcome, but with Foundations San Francisco’s comprehensive treatment programs, you will enjoy a whole-person approach conducive to a healthy, lasting recovery. Call us today at 415.854.6735 or fill out our online contact form to discuss our treatment options and enroll in our meditative therapy in San Francisco.